How to track and read other’s Whatsapp messages

How to track and read other’s Whatsapp messages: Yes now you can track the Whatsapp messages of others, It might sounds illegal but it is not illegal since you will spy others messages instead of hacking.

Hacking is illegal but spying is not. For spying the messages of someone might be your partner, your girlfriend, boyfriend and children.

Remember, you are not doing anything illegal because you are spying instead of hacking.

How to track and read other’s Whatsapp messages

How to track and read other’s Whatsapp messages

To track Whatsapp messages of others just follow these steps:

1) Uninstall: You need to uninstall the Whatsapp from your own device whc can be download later by different method and configuration. To trace someone else messages make sure you uninstall Whatsapp completely.

2) Target Phone: Now you need your target phone for some time and follow the following process

3) Target Phone MAC Address: Every smart-phone is provided with a MAC address which is unique for every device. You need to get that MAC address.

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How to get MAC Address of a Phone?

You can get MAC address by following way

For Android: Go to: Settings>About Phone> Status>WiFi MAC address

For iOS: Go to Settings>General>About>Wi-Fi Address

For Windows: Go to Settings>About>More Info>MAC address

For Blackberry: Go to Options> Device >Device and status info>WLAN MAC


4) Get your MAC address and save it securely: Save the MAC addresses of both the phone somewhere securely so you can restore both the devices initially.

5) MAC Address Change: You need to change the MAC address of your target phone to track the MAC address of your target phone. Since the MAC address is unique for every device you need to follow some steps:

For IPHONE: Install MAC Spoofing apps like Mac Daddy, MAC X to and use it to change the MAC address of your target phone.

For Android: Android users need to download Busy Box or terminal emulator after downloading them type “ip link show” to check the interfaces and select interface that has your target MAC address

6) Install Whatsapp on your phone by using third party user application and enter your target phone number to configure it for your target contact number.

7) Get confirmation code from your target phone and confirm it.

8) Switch off your phone once and switch it on once to make your phone working normally.

After it’s all done!

Note: When you don’t need to spy others messages just follow the same procedure and change the MAC address of both the phone to original one to restore both the phones normally so you don’t have any problems in future regarding internet usage and net connectivity.

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